Salesforce Lightning

Get Lightning ready to harness its real Powers

Salesforce Lightning ™ comes with huge possibilities of enabling higher productivity, smarter work practices, an engrossing UX & faster app building! Why leave things to chance? Ask how Apexpertise Salesforce Lightning development experts help you get on and zip through the Lightning autobahn. Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is a choice that most organizations need to make to take advantage of the advanced features, higher productivity outcomes, intelligent workflows, etc. Apexpertise Salesforce Lightning Consultants have the expertise to assist in this transition. When you have made the decision to leverage Salesforce Lightning i.e. during a new Salesforce Implementation or using Salesforce for several years and simply require a transition from a Salesforce Classic to Lightning, Apexpertise Salesforce Lightning Consultants are fully equipped to develop a strategy that will work for your organization, will work to ensure a smooth journey, guarantee a cost-efficient outcome and ensure the transition is worth that hard-earned effort.

Our Salesforce Lightning Services

Salesforce Integration Services using Middleware Technology
The role of a middleware technology is critical where businesses require a connection with legacy systems, cloud and SaaS applications, and business management software such as SAP and Salesforce.
Apexpertise Consultants are Integration experts and provide solutions to get the right mix of integrations between each system that take into consideration accurate data formats and protocols.
Our offshore Salesforce Integration Consultants will work with you to automate your business processes and enable secure sharing of data across numerous applications by integrating disparate systems and services.
Lightning App Development
Salesforce Lightning Developers specializes in developing Lightning-ready, tailor-fitted Salesforce apps, both managed and unmanaged packaged apps.
Apexpertise Salesforce Lightning Development team are AppExchange experts, our specialty includes Lightning App for smaller organizations such as start-ups and large enterprises deploying Lightning ready apps.
Our in-house Salesforce Development team has also developed Salesforce Exchange Apps where they find a need in the market and see if it can benefit the greater Salesforce Community.
Lightning Component Development
Salesforce Lightning Development team are well equipped to design and develop custom reusable Lightning Components for all the fast-paced future Salesforce Developments.
Lightning Process Automation
Salesforce Lightning Consultants can assist with all your automation needs.
Apexpertise will analyze your business processes and develop a plan to automate including the configuration of the Salesforce
Lightning Process Builder will provide your organization with all the Lightning benefits!!