About Us

We create contacts, build relationships and get optimum results

Care for business proliferation in terms of your investment? Work with a battle-tested team of Salesforce-certified professionals. We take your ideas to a new level to get high performance, offer profit attracting, and customized Salesforce solutions in no time. Apexpertise takes pride in representing our strong company culture. We build a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end Salesforce solutions. We work with our clients to build robust and award-winning Salesforce solutions.

Intense Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is our priority. We believe in understanding our customers, listening to their unique ideas, and converting them into desired products and services.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

While maintaining a corporate culture, we also keep a focused eye on originality, creativity, and invention that nurtures these qualities through reverence for the entrepreneurial spirit.

Anuraj Paniker


My Story

Anuraj Paniker is the director of Technology, here at Apexpertise, with expertise in diverse range of technologies and managing teams across global locations. His background in Networking, Cloud technologies, Product Implementation, delivery of software solutions, and account management informs his mindful but competitive approach.

Anuraj is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of technology. He considers himself as a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in management and technology and stay in tune with the latest technological trends through continued coursework.


Robin Fernandez

Director & Co-Founder


My Story

With 14 years of experience, Robin specializes in earning the trust of others. As a sales manager, he’s mainly worked for small- to medium-sized companies in the technology sector.

Throughout his career, he has maintained a strong record in training and motivating staff to achieve sales and business objectives. 

He has successfully discovered new niche markets and strategic partnerships for companies of all sizes, refined product strategies, increased brand reach, reworked brands and developed and implemented marketing plans.

Robin enjoys meeting new people and learning about their lives and backgrounds. He easily finds common interests with strangers and tends to make most people feel comfortable. He finds this skill especially advantageous when kicking off projects with new clients.