What We Do?

When it comes to data, you don’t know what you don’t know. Establishing a “single source of truth” for key data elements is where a powerhouse data-driven solution flexes its potential for organizational change. In times of uncertainty, a 360-degree view of everything you know makes the path forward much more clearly.

So many companies make the mistake of avoiding the work of cleaning up their data. Over the years, they’ve acquired so much technology without proper controls that data becomes spread out throughout an organization in pockets of clarity that are so thin it’s impossible to build upon. Data becomes outdated, degraded, or duplicated — especially once it gets tied into an infrastructure or system that makes it feel impossible to untangle, let alone use to make critical business decisions.

The single source of truth we’ll show you how to create means less confusion for your organization around your revenue numbers, along with the bonus of a 360-degree view of your customer’s analytics via a single customer record. A centralized customer view is an important by-product of the data obsession process, driving the maximum return on your data investment.

That’s where Apexpertise comes in. Working across industries, technologies, and geographies, we design and scale Salesforce solutions rapidly — helping to accelerate your journey to new value and growth.